Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The main aim of this project is to create more awareness among the youth / women and men on the issue of breast cancer. We are taking this opportunity to make it a charity event, whereby we are having a

*gin & Jacqie Breast Cancer Awareness Bag Print Design Contest 2009 *

which is open to all residents of Malaysia who are 5 years old and above to participate by submitting their artwork with regards to breast cancer.
Gin & Jacqie is the main organizer and sponsor in running this event, whereby we will be printing the winning bag print on a canvas bag, which will be sold later in the month of October.
*100% *of the sales profit will be donated to BCWA.This will be the first time an event like this is taking place. We are looking to have full support of the media and radio stations in helping to create more awareness amongst the youth and making this event a success.

We are requesting for your support in different phases of this project ( getting public to submit artwork – 15 May – 30 June , to announcing the winners – August and finally in launching and selling of the bags - October) .

The main objective is to make breast cancer awareness a positive approach rather than negative.

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