Thursday, April 30, 2009


+ = RM 160
(RP: 258)
You save: RM98!!

You can choose your colour combination :)
Slinging Lucy For Daughter
light blue


Easy to sling across the body, this bag keeps your hand free to do other things. Convenient and light weight to pack it away when travelling.
Velcro opening for flap, with drawstrings for opening of the bag
Zipper opening for the bag
One exterior velcro pocket
One external ear hook to hook accessories and keychains
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
Additional interior clasp to hook keys
MATERIAL: Printed nylon
SIZE: 28cm x 27cm
STRAP LENGTH: Adjustable
COLOR: Beige / Black / Brown / Light blue
Price: RM 119.00
41.65 USD 36.89 AUD
Casual Carol For Mom

01 Light Blue

02 Beige

Interior view

Cross section View

04 Black

Tote around all your necessities with this bag. It makes moving around a breeze with many compartments.
Zipper top opening
Two exterior front pocket with tab opening
One exterior zipper pocket behind
Additional two big compartments with velcro opening on the exterior
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
Additional interior clasp to hook keys
MATERIAL: Printed nylon

SIZE: 33.5cm x 25.5cm x 13cm


COLOR: Beige / Black / Brown / Light blue

Price: RM 139.00
48.65 USD 43.09 AUD

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brenda Backpack by gin&Jacqie

Brenda Backpack

01 black , 02 Beige

Back view

INterior View

02 Brown

Light Blue

DESCRIPTION: Light and easy to carry, this backpack is not only fun looking but can be used by all ages.
Velcro opening for flap, with drawstrings for opening of the bag
Two exterior zipper pocket on the front
Additional interior compartments for pens, handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
Adjustable shoulder straps
MATERIAL: Printed nylon
SIZE: 37cm x 42cm x 20cm
STRAP LENGTH: AdjustableCOLOR: Beige / Black / Brown / Light blue

Price: RM 149.00
52.15 USD 46.19 AUD

Monday, April 20, 2009

New LoLLiPPop Cover by gin&Jacqie




Lollipop passport cover
DESCRIPTION:This passport cover fits most passports. Inside flap works great to hold other small travel documents or tickets. With the fun print, it will be easy to look for your passport when you travel!
Compartment to slip in passport
Four additional compartment for name cards and credit cards
Flap compartment to keep other essential travel documents
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed cotton
SIZE: 10.5cm x 14.5cm
COLOR: Black / Beige / BlueCODE NO: G036

Price: RM 38.00
13.30 USD 11.78 AUD

Lollipop Wrislet by Gin&jacqie

Blue lollipop

Beige Lollipop

Black lollipop

INterior View

Lollipop wristlet
DESCRIPTION: Multi-pockets for an organized wristlet bag. It's convenient to use as a pouch in your handbag or even use it as a wristlet bag for your essentials when you go out.
Zipper opening top
5 compartments with one main compartment being a zipper opening
Removable wrist strap
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed cotton
SIZE: 20cm x 2cm x 14cm
COLOR: Black / Beige / Blue

Price: RM 54.00
18.90 USD 16.74 AUD

Friday, April 17, 2009

Win Precious Gift with Dedication to Mum

In conjuction with MOthers's day , Mommies are having a message (no more that 50 words) writing contest entitled "MOM is WOW",

Participants will be required to dedicate a heartfelt message to their mothers and entries will be judged on originality and creativity. All entries must be email to before 5 Mei 09. The winer will be announced in mommies blog by 10 Mei 09....

Precious mommies will present the mysterious gift to Mum and daughter too as prizes !!! do not wait ..huRRY win youself and your Mum on coming Mother's DAy

The closing date for the contest is 5 Mei 09.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mary and Kate Beach Bag by gin&Jacqie

2 sets in one bag (organize jo and the mesh beach bag)

kalau pi swimming atau beach senang nak buang pasir with this mesh bag

DESCRIPTION: Mesh beach and tote bag are created for people who loves the beach. Designed with a mesh bag where the sand will just fall through and a tote bag with lots of pockets to get your things organized. Great for holding messy suntan lotion, books and essentials when on the beach.
Mesh tote bag comes with a zipper opening. Easy to wash and for sand to fall through
Tote bag with lots of pockets that can be used separately
Tote bag comes with 7 exterior pockets to organize your things
Tote bag has 2 big interior compartment to put the essentials
Tote bag has a velcro tab opening to keep things from falling out of the bag
Tote bag is also great to use a s a bag organizer in a bigger bag

MATERIAL: Mesh and 600Denier

SIZE (Tote bag): 22cm x 23cm x 14cmSIZE (Mesh bag): 42cm x 30cm x 15cm


LENGTH (Tote bag): 8cm

STRAP LENGTH (Mesh bag): 25cm

COLOR: Brown mesh with Yellow trim tote/ Green trim tote/ Pink trim toteCODE NO: G001

Price: RM 89.00
31.15 USD 27.59 AUD

Friday, April 3, 2009

Classic runaway JULIA - by gin&Jacqie


On the shoulder view

01 julia red

01 red

02 purple

o3 brown

sooo roomy Classic & Totes

DESCRIPTION: This casual bag is great for your everyday travels. With many compartments for your water bottle to your handphones, it makes it a breeze to move around.
Zipper opening of the bag
Foldover clasp to close the bag
Side pockets to hold magazines or water bottle
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
MATERIAL: Canvas with faux leatherSIZE: 16cm x 34cm x 28cmCOLOR: Brown/ Red/ PurpleCODE NO: G002

Price: RM 139.00
48.65 USD 43.09 AUD

MOMMIES's Project

MOmmies have lots things to share with others..beside the bags n kain, our plans nak share our best recipies, kata2 motivation, perasaan , hasil2 shopping and banyak lagi...we want to share, give out our opinions, dan kami nak dengar juga from others komen2 membina , apa2 saja yang boleh dibuat cerita dan mommies nie baru dilancarkan kira2, 3 bulan .., insyaallah mommies will try our best to bring out the best ...

Sizzlin Lindsay by gin&Jacqie

Not enough time to spend time with your kids, friends, family, wanna to let them know that they are always in your heart ,Check out this funky colourful functional personalized bags yet uber stylish too,can be used as a work bag to carry everthing even the laptop,roomy for your baby neeeds..
great for gift tooo!!

is it sooo touching!!! teringat masa kawin2 dulu

01 white

02 black

03 green

Sizzlin Lindsay by gin&jacqie (RM 69.90 exclusive postage)

04 yellow ( gambar anak2 lak)

Fits eight photographs
Fits 15cm x 10cm (4" x 6")photograph
Photographs are inserted from inside the bags
Easy to wipe and clean material
MATERIAL: PVC leather and clear vinyl
SIZE: 36.5cm x 12.5cm x 27cm

White,Black ,Green Pink Yellow

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

BIGGG sale on Bottomless Pitt-Worth for the Price, by gin&jacqie

Purplishhh for Bottomless Pitt

BOTTOMLESS PITT (consist of 5 sets)

1st set (Biggg)

2nd smaller version

3rd and 4th can be used as a pencil box/letak botol air n change mat in pink!!!

5th ada lagi 1 pouch (attach to the bag ...)

For Rm150 jeee

DESCRIPTION: ATTENTION IT IS NOT ONLY MEANS FOR MAMA, the bag is suitable for teen girls tooThis 5 piece diaper bag is great for new moms! Carry all the essentials anywhere you go and you can choose the size of bag needed for different places.
Main diaper bag - big and roomy for all the baby's essentials
Main diaper bag has a magnetic snap closure
Parent's bag - easy to tote around for mother's essential
Parent's bag has a magnetic snap closure
Zippered bottle holder with insulator
Additional pouch for diapers and clean clothes
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items for both main and parent bag
Easily rolled up and wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily
MATERIAL: MicrofibreSIZE (Main bag): 32.5cm x 29cm x 20cmSTRAP LENGTH (Main bag): 25cmSIZE (Parent's bag): 28.5cm x 26cm x 15.5cmSTRAP LENGTH (Parent's bag): 23cmCOLOR: Purple/ Brown/ Pink/ Blue CODE: DL5074
Normal Price: RM 189.00
SOLD AT RM 150!!!!
66.15 USD 58.59 AUD