Monday, March 30, 2009

Choco Mint,Gummi Candy,Jelly CAndy - are sold Out - sorry

Biggg SAle ! on

Choco Mint + Gummi Candy + Jelly Candy = RM50 (exclusive postage)

DeScription of each!!!!

Jelly Candy (1)




DESCRIPTION: Store anything from your coins to small items in the pouch.
Zipper opening
Small "D" ring on the outer to hook your keys
Accommodate other small valuables
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed cottonSIZE: 13cm x 9cm (5.1" x 3.5")COLOR: Green / Pink / FloralCODE NO: DL2851

Price: RM 26.00

Gummi CAndy (2)




Gummi Candy
DESCRIPTION: A pouch for keeping your cosmetics all in one place. It can be easily slipped into your handbag, tote or luggage. Carries the essential accessories with a water-resistant lining.
Zipper opening
Small "D" ring on the outer to hook your keys
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed cottonSIZE: 18cm x 9.5cm x 8.5cm (7" x 3.7" x 3.3")COLOR: Green / Pink / FloralCODE NO: DL2850

Price: RM 34.00
11.90 USD 10.54 AUD

Choco Mint




CHOCO Mint DESCRIPTION: A fun digital camera cum small pouch to carry your small items. The pouch is padded all over to protect your digital camera. Just sling it around your wrist!
Wrist strap to make carrying easy
One outer pocket
3/4 zip for easy opening
Interior SD card compartments
One mesh interior pocket
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed cottonSIZE: 12cm x 8 cm x 4cm (4.7" x 3.1" x 1.6")STRAP LENGTH: 13cm (5.1")COLOR: Green / Pink / FloralCODE NO: DL2527

Price: RM 36.00
12.60 USD 11.16 AUD

Thursday, March 26, 2009

CASUAL CAROL _ gin&Jacqie

View on the shoulder Height

01 Light Blue

02 Beige

Interior view

Cross section View

04 Black

Casual Carol : Tote around all your necessities with this bag. It makes moving around a breeze with many compartments.
Zipper top opening
Two exterior front pocket with tab opening
One exterior zipper pocket behind
Additional two big compartments with velcro opening on the exterior
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
Additional interior clasp to hook keys
MATERIAL: Printed nylon SIZE: 33.5cm x 25.5cm x 13cmSTRAP LENGTH: 24cmCOLOR: Beige / Black / Brown / Light blueCODE NO: DL5071

Price: RM 139.00
48.65 USD 43.09 AUD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mommies n giler shopping

Sorry Mommies were at MATTEL warehouse sale Today!!!!, Crazy yaaa , just look at he pictures taken after the shopping!! Nasib baik tak bawak lori...ha ha

New Bags on the Block

he he What a MESS!!!



tu diaaaa


We understand that it is not easy to express how beautiful the bag is , how bright and fun colours they are, hereby we are proudly present the half of our best collections (THERE IS LOTS MORE TO COME OUT_SOON!!!), AS for now -cuci-cuci mata dulu to spot on the lovely colours on the Bags ,...Girls n mommies harap bersabar, we will add the discription n details in coming days...

Monday, March 23, 2009

ABOUT gin&Jacqie Bags

Gin & Jacqie is a line of bags created by avid traveller and reluctant girl-on-the-go Jacqueline Ng. In her search for functional everyday bags that are practical and stylish but do not cost a bomb; Jacqie discovered a niche in the market and decided to develop her own line of such bags.....Gin & Jacqie bags are created for centred people who are in-tune with themselves, who value items which are fashionable yet functional!!! All the range of bags are well suited from young teen to mommies :)), before n after marriage he he


The stylish Elaine
Lovely interior
Stylish Elaine
DESCRIPTION: Light weight and easy to care for baby bag. Its so stylish that no one will know it's a baby bag.
Zipper top opening
Two exterior pocket with drawstrings
Customised printed twill dots for lining
Three interior compartments
Interior keychain holder for keys or small pouches
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
One interior zipper pocket
Roll up wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily
Two interior hooks to hook bag onto stroller
MATERIAL: Quality nylon and faux leather
SIZE: 36cm x 25cm x 15cmSTRAP LENGTH: 21cmCOLOR: Coffee/ BrownCODE: DL2856
OURS AT RM99.50!!!
Price: RM 109.50 /from gin&jacqie website
38.32 USD 33.95 AUD

Just ME 0r good also for BABY n ME - BOTTOMLESS PITT

Purplishhh for Bottomless Pitt

BOTTOMLESS PITT (consist of 5 sets)

1st set (Biggg)

2nd smaller version

3rd and 4th can be used as a pencil box/letak botol air n change mat in pink!!!

5th ada lagi 1 pouch (attach to the bag ...)

For Rm150 jeee

DESCRIPTION: ATTENTION IT IS NOT ONLY MEANS FOR MAMA, the bag is suitable for teen girls tooThis 5 piece diaper bag is great for new moms! Carry all the essentials anywhere you go and you can choose the size of bag needed for different places.
Main diaper bag - big and roomy for all the baby's essentials
Main diaper bag has a magnetic snap closure
Parent's bag - easy to tote around for mother's essential
Parent's bag has a magnetic snap closure
Zippered bottle holder with insulator
Additional pouch for diapers and clean clothes
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items for both main and parent bag
Easily rolled up and wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily
MATERIAL: MicrofibreSIZE (Main bag): 32.5cm x 29cm x 20cmSTRAP LENGTH (Main bag): 25cmSIZE (Parent's bag): 28.5cm x 26cm x 15.5cmSTRAP LENGTH (Parent's bag): 23cmCOLOR: Purple/ Brown/ Pink/ Blue CODE: DL5074
Normal Price: RM 189.00
SOLD AT RM 150!!!!
66.15 USD 58.59 AUD

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

gin&Jacqie - Bigger vision organize JO

This is a fastantic idea, sharring your bag with baby and school utilities will be no trouble when comes to searching, bila anak nangis ke senang je nak cari puting yg di slotkan di organize jo nie..praktikal !!! SMart Ways

01 yellow

02 pink and brown

slot in the big bags
DESCRIPTION: How great would it be to be able to find exactly what you need in your baby bag , or even for that matter your big bags! This organizer is what everyone needs. No more rummaging through your bags!
Velcro opening
Three exterior front pocket
Two exterior pocket behind
Two side pockets for bottles
Additional two big interior compartments
SIZE: 22cm x 23cm x 16cm
STRAP LENGTH: 8cmCOLOR: Brown with Pink trim/ Brown with Green trim / Brown with Yellow trim

Price: RM 59.00 (for postage add rm7 only:)
20.65 USD 18.29 AUD


Got problems using bags without zip,all your things in the bag falls especially when you have to break emergencie while driving,no safety factor when you handling while shopping and through some research the unorganize things in your bag can dramatically trigger your nerves especially when you re in hurry, here is the solution yet still funky with cool colours !!!!

Can fit into your any stylish bags

01 Blue

02 pink

03 yellow

Back view
04 Brown
Organize Jacq
DESCRIPTION: This bag organizer is a great way to organize all your essential items in one bag, from your keys, handphone, purse to your make-ups. This bag has a total of eleven compartments. Switching handbags will be hassle free. Now you will never forget which items were left in which bag!
Velcro tab opening
Two exterior side compartments for handphone and I-pod
One back exterior compartment to hold tissues and notes
One front exterior compartment
Four pen holders
Two interior sub-compartments to hold keys and make ups
One large interior compartment for wallet and bigger items
MATERIAL: Nylon denierSIZE: 21cm x 8cm x 16cm
COLOR: Brown / Dark Blue / Lime green / Yellow / Pink

Price: RM 49.90 (Postage just add rm 7 only!!!!) rm80 and above free delivery
17.47 USD 15.47 AUD

Monday, March 16, 2009

gin&Jacqie Sizzlin Photo Bags

Not enough time to spend time with your kids, friends, family, wanna to let them know that they are always in your heart ,Check out this funky colourful functional personalized bags yet uber stylish too,can be used as a work bag to carry everthing even the laptop,roomy for your baby neeeds..
great for gift tooo!!

is it sooo touching!!! teringat masa kawin2 dulu

01 white

02 black

03 green

Sizzlin Lindsay by gin&jacqie (RM 69.90 exclusive postage)

04 yellow ( gambar anak2 lak)

Fits eight photographs
Fits 15cm x 10cm (4" x 6")photograph
Photographs are inserted from inside the bags
Easy to wipe and clean material
MATERIAL: PVC leather and clear vinyl
SIZE: 36.5cm x 12.5cm x 27cm

White,Black ,Green Pink Yellow

gin&Jacqie BABY n ME wow!!! (OUT OF STOCK!!!)

01 Beige

02 Purple
03 Orange


Stylish yet Functional :))
Stripy Alison
DESCRIPTION: This baby bag has mothers in mind because we want them to feel stylish and comfortable, even while they lug all that baby stuff around. It has clasps for the handles to make it easy for it to be hooked on to strollers
Tab opening
Interchangeable clasp for handles, so that it can hook onto stroller
One big outer pocket with zip
Adjustable straps for handles
Two exterior pocket for bottles
One large exterior compartment with zip to keep personal items safe
Two separate large compartments to cater for both soiled/ used clothes and clean clothes
Three interior compartments
One interior zipper pocket
Additional interior compartments for handphone and other items
Easily rolled up and wipeable change mat that can be cleaned easily
Fully lined cotton for the whole interior of the bag
Interior keychain holder for keys and small pouches
MATERIAL: Vinyl printed canvas/cotton liningSIZE: 36cm x 31cm x 14cmSTRAP LENGTH: 25cm (adjustable up to 40cm)COLOR: Purple/ Beige/ OrangeCODE NO: DL2853
List Price: RM 219.00
Ours at Price: RM 115.00 (these items currently OUT OF STOCK!!!!:(
40.25 USD 35.65 AUD