Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Here we have Munawwarah in da house yea yea..feel free to choose da colors that you like :) however if you have another colors, just email or sms the one that you interested and bank in deposit of rm50 as a commitment and we'll try our best to get that for you.

As you know, Munawwarah ni xde agent and ade jual, kat butik jer...so kena pegi early in the morning and tolong tokey bukak kedai...hehe..bab2 tolong bukak kedai we all mmg dah slalu especially during warehouse sales :p if lucky, dapat la ape yang diidamkan... the Munawwarah very exclusive n susah nk jumpa design yang sama sbb made customizely....bukan mass product tau..


  1. salam mommies sekalian :)

    are they still available ?
    how much for each tudung pls ?


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