Monday, July 13, 2009

Tempahan tudung

Kalau tiada pilihan warna, boleh sertakan perca kain baju, tailor akan carikan warna yang sesuai

Material kain t-shirt - RM 40 (standard)
+ RM 5 jika mahu labuh tudung lebih 2 inci

Pelbagai warna material kain licin dan berkilat - RM 35 (standard) ; +RM 5 jika labuh tudung ditambah 2 inci
* Tudung ini dibuat mengikut tempahan sahaja.
Tudung seakan Tudung Ariani (jahitan kemas) dan boleh juga ditempah mengikut kesukaan anda.
Kain yang bermotif juga boleh ditempah.



Bifold flip ID Slimey Green Leather Wallet - RM 130

TOSCANO Hand / Sling bag

It can be a sling bag ( comes with beach colour sling)..make you look & feel like teens..

And also can be a normal handbag ..suitable for formal wear

Size -40 cm x 22 cm x 7.5 cm
Very spacey and got many zipped pockets
Real price ~ RM 799 Now!!! ~ RM 280 (exclusive postage)


Coach black leather backpack purse - Guaranteed authentic (Toscano Italy)
RM 230 - *Sold to K. Fida

STELLA - Stylish Handbag

Size - 35 cm x 45 cm x 10 cm
RM 250 (exclusive postage)

La Senza

La Senza..Available in black & white...3/4 cup..any size..RM 58

Nipple Concealer

Watchaaa....title je pun dah eye-grabbing kan?.. Here, mommies just wanna share a lil bit of our knowlegde..but it is also offer for sale..this is made from silicone (rubber-like), very soft & is washable and could be used again n again n again..up to 20 times..Don't have to apply glue or tape...
How and when to use??? It's simple..just put it on top of your areola area (cover the dark circle area) and then wear your bra like usual... Use it when your bra is unpadded @ plain and soft cloth bra (if you don't want something weird to appear underneath your shirt)..
RM 16.90 per pair..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Brand's tag with safety labels for lingeries


For those who interested in lingeries and has doubt with your size..don't us a call & we can arrange a meeting. You can also do a fitting plus choosing the goods right in front of you..there are many more for you to grab!

There are assorted panties U can choose (lace, microfibre, cotton, spandex ..etc)
Various sizes and designs [high & low cut (thigh/waist), boy-leg &half boy-leg brief, thongs & semi-thongs, girldle-like panties for tummy]
Brands ~ Wonderbra, o' malley, Rene' Refe'
Prices start from RM 10 to 18

Printed motif brand Sophie, Rene' Refe', Estelle, Charlotte, Viania (popular brands in German)

Made in Malaysia but production for Europe countries (u couldn't find it at any shopping complex in Malaysia). The materials are high quality and made from genuine French laces.

Moulded bra with slim padding...suitable when wearing t-shirt and plain clothes..
Note the cutting (2nd pic)- high side cutting for full coverage (to prevent the excess flesh comes out hehehhe..lemak ler..)


Comes with various sizes and colours
Fix price for cup A,B, C = RM 38
Price for plus size D,E,F, G = RM 48
* prices exclusive postage charge

Dear Our Beloved Customers...especially LADIES..Mommies bring to you the HOTTEST goods ever!!! You can shop pretty lingeries (production for European market) at unbelievable prices!!!..Check it out or you will miss it!!..

Bra available at various sizes (34B, 36B, 36C) = RM 38
Panties (M, L, XL) = RM 17
1 set = RM 50

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oatmeal Shortbread: egg and preservatives free

Here's a snack that's not only delicious with its chocolaty taste or chewy raisins, but also healthy for you and your family. Below are the available packages suitable for all occasions.

quick pack - for you or your children to pack to school or to be kept in the car for snacking when stucked in the jam;
quantity: 2 pcs of cookies;
flavor: chocolate chips/raisins;
weight: 20gm per cookie;
retail price: rm1 as per pax shown above;

party pack #1 - suitable for birthday parties, kenduri, wedding - label and ribbon color of your choice;
quantity: 4 pcs of cookies!!
flavor: chocolate chips/raisins;
weight: 10gm per cookie; min. order: 40 pax;
retail price: rm1.20 as per pax shown above;

office pack - suitable for a quick breakfast in the office or for 'alas perut' before your next meal;

quantity: 10 pcs of cookies - 2 cookies per sachet;

flavor: chocolate chips/raisins;

weight: 18gm per cookie;

retail price: rm4.50 as per pax shown above;

home pack - for healthy family snacking while watching TV or to serve to your guests;

quantity: 50 pcs of cookies;

flavor: chocolate chips/raisins;

weight: 10gm per cookie;

retail price: rm14 as per pax shown above;

gift pack - suitable as Hari Raya gifts for your family and friends, hampers; quantity: 45 pcs of cookies in high quality container, layered with bubble pack to preserve product quality; flavor: chocolate chips/raisins;
weight: 10gm per cookie;
retail price: rm15 as per pax shown above;

visit for more information and details regarding the products
or contact Ros Hussin via email at or hp: 012-2152483

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


The main aim of this project is to create more awareness among the youth / women and men on the issue of breast cancer. We are taking this opportunity to make it a charity event, whereby we are having a

*gin & Jacqie Breast Cancer Awareness Bag Print Design Contest 2009 *

which is open to all residents of Malaysia who are 5 years old and above to participate by submitting their artwork with regards to breast cancer.
Gin & Jacqie is the main organizer and sponsor in running this event, whereby we will be printing the winning bag print on a canvas bag, which will be sold later in the month of October.
*100% *of the sales profit will be donated to BCWA.This will be the first time an event like this is taking place. We are looking to have full support of the media and radio stations in helping to create more awareness amongst the youth and making this event a success.

We are requesting for your support in different phases of this project ( getting public to submit artwork – 15 May – 30 June , to announcing the winners – August and finally in launching and selling of the bags - October) .

The main objective is to make breast cancer awareness a positive approach rather than negative.